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Window Tinting

Window tint comes in various shades to give you the look you require and the added safety and security



Your car's interior can be 60% cooler during those hot summer days with proper tinting

In an auto accident, tinting can help shattered glass hold together, protecting the occupants of the car.
Window Tint provides you, your property and your possessions the added security required.
Feel safe and secure knowing you have a guaranteed installation from Visual Tints
Harmful UV rays from the sun can cause skin cancer. Tinting your car can block 99% of these damaging rays.

Headlight Tints


SPi Vision is headlight and rear cluster tinting mesh that sticks to the outer surface of any light creating that factory finish dark smoke effect. The Headlight Tinting Film if fully Road Legal and MOT Compliant.  This Headlight and Rear Light Tint Mesh is waterproof and durable which can be washed and treated like any other surface on your vehicle. There will be no need to remove the light fitting during the install. SPi Vision has excellent durability with great resistance to most road and weather conditions. SPi Vision Light Tint is manufactured to conform to most light contours and should be installed quickly and if needed removed with little or no adhesive residue. If you require headlight or rear light tinting then please get in touch

Vehicle Wrapping in Blackburn

Vehicle wrapping is now the popular cost-effective way to update your cars appearance without the need for a permanent and expensive re-spray. Using the very latest in cast vinyl technology, we at Visualtints can transform your vehicles appeal with a full or partial body wrap.

With our catalogue of vinyl colours and textures to choose from, here at VISUALTINTS we can help you find that bespoke finish that will make your vehicle stand out above the rest.

Our vinyl colours range from the traditional:
Red - White - Black - Blue - Candy Pink etc, plus many more..

To our Speciality range of:
Carbon Fibre - Matt black - Brushed Aluminium Silver - plus many more...

Vinyl wrap can also be removed safely and without residue there fore restoring your vehicle back to its original condition.

For more details and costing contact us.

“Treat YOUR car to a Makeover"


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